Ola El Garawany


Functional Medicine Practitioner

“I Believe Combining Good Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle May Ultimately Reduce The Occurrence Of Illnesses”


Are you seeking clarity on your health concerns or those of a loved one? Have you been left wondering ‘why did this happen?’ or found that traditional medical approaches haven’t identified the root cause of your symptoms? Functional Medicine can provide the insights you need. Together, we will decode your health mysteries and work towards accomplishing your wellness goals.


Your initial appointment can last up to 1 hour and allows us to explore your symptoms and also the reasons why you need support. One condition can be caused by many causes and one cause can result in many conditions.

Functional Medicine

Functional medicine holistically addresses the individual, not merely isolated symptoms. With an attentive approach, we consider genetic, environmental, and lifestyle influences, guiding towards optimal health and managing chronic diseases.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing offers a scientific approach to identify the root causes of your health issues. Instead of merely addressing symptoms, our focus lies on understanding and correcting the original imbalances.

About Ola

Ola El Garawany

Ola El Garawany

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Ola El Garawany has over 20 years experience in managing and supervising in the community pharmacy business and is currently acting as superintendent pharmacist in her own business that she established in 2007, Lilly’s Pharmacy and Health Store.


For 40 long years, I was tormented by Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Despite numerous attempts with various diets and numerous consultations with medical professionals, I found no respite. IBS had a significant impact on my life, causing me considerable anxiety and discomfort. There was a plethora of food I simply could not consume due to the severe consequences they triggered, such as flatulence, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Consequently, my social life was fraught with constant anxiety due to my dietary restrictions.

Over the years, I sought help from dieticians and nutritionists, trying various approaches but with little success. However, my journey took a hopeful turn when I consulted Ola El Garawany at Lilly Pharmacy. She immediately grasped the essence of my problem and carefully crafted a practical plan of action for me.

Following her advice, I adhered to a strict six-week diet, supplemented with specific herbal medications. Although I saw significant improvements, my issues were not entirely resolved. This led me to undertake a second six-week diet. The second time proved more challenging, but with the help of alternative herbal remedies, I persevered.

Upon completing this regimen, I experienced a significant enhancement in my gut health. Now, I can enjoy almost all kinds of food, with the exception of gluten. Before, my dietary choices were limited by my inability to consume beef, tomatoes, acidic foods, and any form of sugar, including fruits. But now, I can maintain a normal diet, enjoy social outings without anxiety, and live without the unpleasant side effects that were once a staple of my life.

Meeting Ola has indeed been a game-changer, almost like a lifesaver. I feel truly blessed to have encountered her and am immensely grateful for her guidance. Thank you, Ola!


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